Welcome to my Castle
Ok, it’s not my castle! Rather it is Abbotsford, the home of one of the more famous of our clansmen, Sir Walter Scott. And, like Abbotsford, this site is meant to be a fitting setting for my own small impact on the world. So pick your destination from the links below and join me in a journey: And remember, it's not the destination that matters but the joy and beauty you find as you travel there! All contents are personal and copyright except where otherwise indicated. I will be pleased to hear from anyone with a wish to use any portion of my work; my email is given below. Sincerely, Keith Scott Now why not explore my site, just excuse the work in progress:  Bio  Clan Scott  Scotland, the land of my childhood  Amazonia, the land that might have been  My Poetry  My Writings  Some Recipes I like Random Thoughts  The Family Bloodline  An Introduction to my Family The Family Photo Album  In Memory of Eric Worden Albert Simpson B.E.M.  If you want to write to me directly, this is my email address: ketheric@yahoo.com
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