My Army Days Photographs
Loading up
Moving Equipment
The Convoy’s Ready
My Sno-cats in convoy
Great Views
Preparing for Norway
Training with the Ace Mobile Force (in the Norwegian Winter)
a Weasel
with my Landrover
I really got it Stuck!
Newly Commissioned
Training with the Ace Mobile Force (in the Arctic Summer)
Arriving by Sea
3 tonner with HIAB
Some of the Men
Yes, we used this too in Norway
We needed to know the time
Othello’s Tower, Famagusta
Peace-keeping with the UN
Theatre, Salamis
Temple of Zeus, Salamis
Roof of the Baths, Salamis
The Med
Temple of Zeus, Salamis
Commandant’s Platoon, Commisioning Parade - 1967 (2nd row 4th from right)
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A well-earned Rest
Resting Again
to Linda
How I spent a Lot of my Time
After the Parade
Caernavon Castle, Wales
Linda’s Joins Me in Wales
Sergeant’s Mess
With Charlie Doyle
Dressed for Dinner
The Other Side of Military Life