Our Wedding Pictures
 If you have a storybook romance you have to have a fairytale wedding… So, once upon a time, in a country far, far away, the snow was falling softly on a landscape of white-painted mountains and trees daubed with cotton wool. It was the season of that magical time of the year, Christmas and day had yielded to evening. The lights of the town nestled snugly in the valley glittered welcoming in the snow-deadened quiet. In the town, a group of British Army officers were taking advantage of a break in the middle of a winter warfare training course in Voss, Norway. This beautiful mountain resort was unlike most venues the British army chooses for its training in that it actually had a night-life. Amongst the military contingent was a young 2nd lieutenant and, from a nightclub, he could hear music and cheerful voices muted softly by the snow. Inside in the warm fug of the bar, the joyful laughter of people having fun gave welcome to these visitors. And there, sitting around a long table, was a group of young ladies from the USA on a skiing vacation. One of those was a princess in disguise. Sometimes life deals us a hand that is unbeatable; sometimes love strikes like lightning, swift and unexpected. It is destiny! That night, two young people met and two young people fell in love. Eleven months later they were married. Like the night they met, this night too held a magic. Once more the snow was falling gently and once again the sounds of joyous laughter rose to provide a backdrop to their love. Disney could not write such a script. No illustrator could paint a picture to match the beauty and splendour. The bride wore a princess’ gown of matchless white and the groom, the uniform of a prince complete with sword and spurs. And each was cloaked by the aura of their love And they lived happily ever after. Well ... all that is true. She was my princess anyway. And she still is!
Now fairytale or not, the groom has to realise that the occasion is a woman’s special time and the man there as an accessory, albeit a necessary one. And I soon found out what that meant. It was a long way to travel all alone to join my bride and I was eager to hold her in my arms again. so when I landed at JFK and had a chance to catch the next flight to Detroit, I took it, even if, in the days before cell phones, I didn’t have the chance to let her know. But I did call the moment I arrived. “I’ll be right there!” So there I was in a strange airport in a foreign land, with a sword on my hands (yes in those days it was allowed as cabin baggage) wandering around getting dirty looks from security and given a wide berth by all and sundry …. Waiting. For two hours I waited. She didn’t live that far from the airport! Where was she? Had she had an accident?
Well “a girl has to look good welcoming her groom!” So, as I have since discovered, it was perfectly natural to take a bath, spend extra care putting on make-up and choosing just the right clothing. So, yes, she actually was quite early … in the terms of a bride. And the wait was worth it! 
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Almost Ready
Adding  real sixpence
Exchanging Rings
You may Kiss the Bride
Now we’re Ready
Down the Aisle
The Bride
Black and White
Sharing the Cake
See, it’s Official!
With the Maid of Honour
The Toast
Cutting the Cake
Throwing into the Chandalier
Removing the Garter
With Mom
With Grandma
The Wedding Dance
In the Car
A Proper Kiss