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The Scott Family Homes Photo Album
The back of my old home in Elgin. The entry to the kitchen is through the abutment seen on the right and below
The front: my brother’s and my bedroom window is 2nd from the left
We don’t have many photos of our old Tayport home so here’s the view from it and the one corner from the street. We sold it for $18k and 40 years later it’s worth $260k
But, except for the colour and the enclosed shed area, the above shows it quite well. left: view up the street from the harbour                    right: down the street to the harbour
more below
Eden Cottage, Academy Street, Elgin , Moray Where I lived as a boy in Scotland
      Elgin is an old town, with records dating back a millenium. The pictures above are of the cathedral, sacked by the Wolf of Badenoch, rebiuilt and then desecrated in the reformation and the site of the old castle where I spent many an hour day- dreaming of days-gone-by.       Today, it is the center of the Speyside whisky country with many famous distilleries in the area.
      area since prehistory. There is evidence of Neolithic settlement on the hilltop of Old Sarum, which became a hill fort in the Iron Age. The Romans called this fort "Sorviodunum" and may also have occupied it. The Saxons established themselves there and named it "Searesbyrig".
      Salisbury is another old town, originally called New Sarum to distinguish it from the original site of settlement to the north of the city at Old Sarum. Although the present city was not established until 1220, there has been a settlement in the       
After the conquest, the Normans built a castle or "Seresberi". By 1086, in the Domesday Book, it was called "Salesberie". Today Salisbury is a thriving small market town (right is a picture of the market place with its’ famous poultry cross. Below: our hose in Salisbury; We had the ground floor
our first home Castle road Salisbury
      As part of my decommisioning, I was granted an education course which I took in the field of Computer Programming and Systems Analysis at the London Polytechnic. This gave Linda a chance to see a bit of London, She found a job working for the Electricity Board and we stayed with friends we’d made from the flat in Salisbury. So I gained a skill to serve me well for the rest of my life and Linda discovered London.
Our next move was to Dundee for me to attend university. While we looked for a place to buy we stayed at a friend’s cottage just outside Carnoustie. In the end we were fortunate to find somewhere we could afford, in Tayport, Fife. Tayport, or its old name Ferry Port on Craig, was a lovely little town on the south shore of the Firth of Tay. It had a small harbour where timber ships from Norway would discharge their cargo. Not only was it close to Dundee but St Andrews was close by also. I would often walk to university in Dundee across the road bridge, over four miles.
Top left: Dundee from the Fife side of the Tay road  bridge.                                                      right: RSS Discovery Robert Falcon Scott’s ship  bottom left: Tayport Harbour                             which he used for his Antartic expedition.
From Tayport we moved to Canada and, after 3 months travelling in the US and Canada, settled in Woodstock, New Brunswick. Then, for the next 25 years lived in our old family home on Main Street. That is except for an 18 month sojourn in Halifax where we lived in St. Margaret’s Bay.
Woodstock was where our sons grew up and so will always be a special place for us.
183 Viewmount Drive in the Allen Heights Peninsular that projected into St, Margaret’s Bay was just 10 miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a very pictureque area to live in and close to the conveniences of the big city. Halifax is a major seaport and the largest city in Atlantic Canada with a rich history and vibrant community life.
       There’s a veritable montage of Memories we have of our home and life in Woodstock
Aerial View - Downtown Woodstock