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My Writings Selections from my Work Amazonia
Queens of the Amazons .. Arta's Story The World of Arta
1130-1180 BCE The period that is the setting for this story is one of the crossroads of history. It was a time when the old order gave way to a new. The disintegration of the Hittite Empire has left the Hurrians as the strongest of their successor states. The Assyrians have been steadily asserting their power, displacing and incorporating the Babylonians and threatening the Hurrians. The Phrygians have seized territory in Anatolia, moving into the vacuum left by the collapse of the Hittite Empire The Greek expansion, given renewed impetus by their defeat of Troy, has seen settlements and colonies spread from the lands surrounding the Aegian into the Euxine Sea. Following their ally Troy’s destruction, the Amazon nation faced threats from a multitude of enemies. Their Queens, determined to seek a new land where their safety could be better assured, sent most of their nation under their daughter Orthia and her consort Melusa to seek their new home. Meanwhile they took those unable or unwilling to undertake such a journey to a place to begin a new life, hidden from the eyes of men. The epic story of the Amazon trek, the subsequent birth of the Amazonian nation from their amalgamation with the Alban Kelts and their triumph over the numerous enemies that threatened is told in “Queens of the Amazons – Orthia’s story.” With the future more secure, the new nation settled down to build a new society, one that differed from those elsewhere. Built on freedom and opportunity for all, it yet required from all its citizens a commitment of support to preserve what they had created. Elsewhere, the stability of other civilizations was threatened by mass movements of peoples and wars for dominance. Meanwhile, the remnants of the Amazons who had remained in Asia Minor had, as planned, hidden themselves in the mountains of Anatolia. Here, safe within a hidden city, they carved out a niche for themselves. Always, however, surrounded by those who could not understand or feared their values and beliefs, they could never know true peace of mind. This was the world of Arta, prince of the Amazonians and of those he came to love.