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My Writings Selections from my Work Amazonia
Queens of the Amazons .. The Beginning A synopsis of the Second Book; First Chronologically
How it all Began ... The Birth of a Nation The story opens with the heroine, an Amazon princess and warrior, returning from a visit to beleaguered Troy. As she approaches her homeland she encounters a Keltoi warrior prince who she mistakenly sees as an enemy with unfortunate results. However all turns out for the best and she is left with an enigmatic message from the Goddess that the stranger brought and a lingering emotional upheaval in her and her consort Melusa’s lives. As her people are allies of Troy, at their request, she leads a cattle drive to alleviate the food shortages brought on by the siege. Successfully keeping the herd safe from the marauding enemies that beset the Amazons, she stampedes it through the Greek blockade to bring relief to the Trojans. She is feted and treated as a valuable ally. Troy’s war with the Greeks appears to be at a stalemate with both sides avoiding serious battles and only occasional forays where their champions challenge each other to break the monotony. In one such encounter, Orthia defeats the Greek hero Achilles. This leads to the Trojan king promising eternal support for the Amazons in their struggle for survival. That hope proves short lived for the Greeks take Troy by a stratagem that catches the Trojans unprepared and ends both the Trojan nation and leaves the Amazons alone against all that threaten them. The enigmatic message that the Keltoi stranger had brought, begins to make sense although much is still unclear. For a time the Amazons fight a loosing battle against foes besetting them from every direction. In order to realize a future where their women might retain their freedom and independence, they determine to leave their homeland and seek a place where they might find the peace and security they long for. The subsequent trek through the mountains of the Caucasus brings them further challenges and dangers. After defeating a Cimmerian tribe with the help of allies who had been displaced by that tribe, they spend the winter in the valley they’d freed, rebuilding their strength and preparing for the continuation of their journey. The next spring, after a battle to delay the pursuit of their Cimmerian enemies, they pass through the mountains to the plains beyond. Here, although meeting initial opposition, they manage to build a life for themselves amidst the volatile Steppe peoples. Over the next few years, under her consort Melusa’s guidance and the protection of Orthia’s warriors, they gradually create a strong and successful nation. Using all the skills and industry for which they are famed, they flourish and grow. Trading with their neighbors, they form alliances that bring a promise of security along with the prosperity. They finally seem to have found their place. However, that very wealth brings them face to face with an envious tribe of nomads. They manage to defeat the warriors of that tribe when they attack their city but that victory brings a greater danger upon them. The defeated tribe gains the support of Cracus, a local leader who claims suzerainty over the peoples of the Steppe. Fleeing the host raised by Cracus the Amazons abandon all they have built and seek escape to the north and west. Hard pressed, they fight several delaying actions while their people press on further into unknown lands. Finally, discouraged by the constant attrition that the Amazons inflict on them and content to take what the women have left behind, the nomads call off their pursuit. All but exhausted and with little left of their previous wealth and resources, the Amazons find themselves on the plain between the Danube and the Carpathians. The plain is disputed territory where various peoples struggle constantly for grazing rights and raiding is a way of life. Too worn-out to travel further and with winter approaching, the Amazons attempt to make the best of it. That winter survival is the only objective and it takes all their courage and strength. With the coming of Spring, Orthia and Melusa see no alternative but to seek alliance with the Keltoi whom the have learned live beyond the mountains to the north. They have some reason to hope since the Keltoi are the nation ruled by the stranger they met so long ago that brought the enigmatic message and with whom they had found love. Almost dying in forcing their way through mountain passes hardly finished with winter, she and her consort finally reach the Keltoi only to find that Arta, the man on whom they had pinned their hopes, is dead. Instead they meet another, Calen, now king in Arta’s place with whom they find a growing bond. Together the three of them persuade both the Keltoi and their own people that mutual survival calls for a joining of their nations. Finally the enigmatic message that Arta brought from the Goddess becomes clear. What follows is a time of great upheaval as the two peoples work to combine their resources and forge both a nation and an army that will protect it. Time is short for they are beset by enemies on all sides and before they can hope for a future they must defeat each and secure their borders. As they build their nation, we see how each brings assets that complement and strengthen their separate peoples. The growth of their love mirrors that of the new nation as they bring to each other unexpected strengths, support and encouragement. The army they forge takes the best of each people and Orthia, with Calen’s help, builds a force that has never previously been seen. With a mobility lent by the Amazon horses and the strength of the Keltic shield wall behind which the Amazon archers can direct their fire in safety, the army manages to turn back a Scythian invasion, discourage the Thracian incursions and push back the Illyrians. From their struggles together against all that assail them, the separate people come together in mutual recognition of their value. This is epitomized by the love that has grown between Orthia, Melusa and Calen. The story ends with the new nation of Amazonia ready for a future of hope and glory, a beacon of freedom in a time of enslavement and fear; the promise of the Goddess’ message is realized.