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My Writings Selections from my Work Amazonia
Queens of the Amazons .. Arta's Story Maybe it's time to see the softer side
Chapter Three The rest of that evening became a kaleidoscope of faces as various women questioned me about the situation of loved ones. Did they yet live, had they children, had they like my mothers found a man and were they happy. There were many also who wanted more details of the way we lived and reassurance that having men did not mean a loss of freedom and independence. Then there were some of the younger ones who flirted outrageously and were quite forward in propositioning me. When that last happened it seemed always that either Graita or Patsimeon were there to direct the conversation into different directions. There was also an unending supply of wine and delicacies that were pressed on me so that in the end I lost all track of time. Later, after the stars had appeared and the moon’s radiance supplemented the flickering light of the torches that had been lit, I found myself being guided to the room which would be my chamber for the night. What made that particularly hard was that, in my somewhat inebriated state, I was supported on the one side by the vision of the Goddess Shavaska with the warm pressure of an equally alluring brunette pressing warmly on my other. “Lady Patsimeon,” I felt constrained to remark “you are causing something of a stir beneath my tunic and you, Pentasilia, are not helping by letting your hand roam so freely.” It was Graita who replied in her typically forthright manner. “Blame yourself then for you brought it all upon yourself. We might have been content to wait you full recovery but your outrageous flirting tonight means we had better stake our claim, and quickly.” “Hades, it was them doing the flirting!” I protested. “Yes but you enjoyed it far too much!” she replied, pushing me down on the pallet that covered half the floor. “Now it’s time for us to explore the pleasures those that left found amongst your men. It will be a novel experience for us to share a man.” Any disavowal I might attempt was muffled by the pair of lips Patsimeon attached to my own and the other pair that nuzzled my neck quite took away any sensible response I could make. So I did what an Amazonian male would do under the circumstance; I gave up the struggle and allowed myself to react as any man with the fiery blood of the Keltoi would do and surrendered myself to the sensations that suffused me. Now I was by no means a virgin and our Amazonian women could never be called shy or reticent about sex but the joy I found that night with Graita and Patsimeon was beyond anything I could have previously imagined. The joy I found with them was heightened by the joy they took in each other. Later, waking in the quiet of the night, I found myself lying quietly with the softness of my two lovers pressed close on either side with arms locked together, possessively trapping me. Feeling the warm breath stirring the fine hairs of my chest, I found my mind exploring the possibilities that had opened. That something more than a mere fancy was at work I felt no doubt. Right from that first moment I’d regained consciousness, I’d known that these two had taken a part of my heart. But I knew from my mothers’ stories how hard it was for an Amazon to see a man as anything but a fleeting prospect to motherhood. I knew though that would never satisfy me. Having found them, I was reluctant to let them go. So how, I wondered, could I persuade them to give up their lives here for I realized that there was no way that I would be able to stay here. I was fortunate enough as it was that my lineage had allowed the Amazons to accept me thus far. The fact that Graita had a duty to her people would make it all the harder for her to willingly leave and I knew Patsimeon wouldn’t leave alone; neither they nor I would wish to split them. The more I thought of it, the more impossible it became. I would have wished that I had my mothers here for advice. How fortunate for my father that he had met the women he loved when the Goddess had already turned their lives upside down. Well, I thought, there is no point in idle wishing, I would just have to do my best and pray for Shavaska’s aid. Meanwhile I had my dream and the warm bodies of the two women who had caused my disquiet. I allowed my hands to run gently through the hair of each, one brunette, one blonde. Better I thought to enjoy the precious intimacy of the moment and leave the future until I could do something to influence it. Whether it was my touch or their normal time to awake I can’t say but, when I allowed my fingers to trace their way down, I felt a hand join mine in caressing the softness of Patsimeon’s breast while another reached for me. With that I forgot my concerns and instead joyfully yielded myself to the sensuality of the moment. Afterwards, in the warm afterglow of our love-making, I attempted to address my concerns, “Graita, Patsimeon, if we were amongst my own people, I think things might be easier. At least for me. I can’t believe that I alone have felt something special that grows between us. I just have no idea what to do about it.” “Hush, my dear one,” replied Graita. “Let us be content to enjoy Her blessings and not demand more than She is willing to give.” I took her meaning and said no more but that did not stop my mind from working, searching, grasping. Later, after we’d broken our fast, I was called to meet with my grandmothers. The summons specifically excluded my two lovers who relinquished me only with reluctance and stationed themselves outside the audience chamber much to the amusement of my grandmothers’ guards. “Come child,” Queen Marpesia greeted me, “today we want to indulge ourselves as mothers and grandmothers not as queens as we must needs have done yesterday. Come here, seat yourself between us.” Once I’d sat, as requested, on the bench that overlooked the city spreading out below, my grandmother Lampedo placed her arm around my shoulders. “Judge us not harshly, my child, for none can do other than the Goddess wills. We each have our part to play in her designs. For us, we provide women a shelter from oppression that they would shake. We provide it amongst the nations of men who blind themselves to the worth of women and seek, in domination, the fleeting pleasure of power over others. “You, who grew up knowing true freedom, may find it difficult to understand how all-too-many men glory in dictating to others what pleases their sense of self importance. Knowing your mothers, we have no doubt that your father is not such but, as you explained, one who joys in the partnership of equals and is ready to see value in the thoughts of others.” “But,” put in Marpesia, “we have a duty to provide for those less fortunate than the ones who followed your mothers. We must provide a hope and inspiration to those who have nowhere else to turn. And that is something which we must speak to you about. “It has not escaped us that feelings grow between you and Graita and Patsimeon. Were things otherwise, we would welcome it for we would ever see our children happy. But, like us, Graita and Patsimeon, know their duty and we are afraid you and they will have your hearts broken. We wish it were otherwise but there is nothing any can do that will change that.” “Yes,” her consort took up “we would wish you joy in the pleasures the three of you find but we want you to know and be prepared for the disappointment that will follow.” “Now we have a question, how came you to chose to make the long journey here?” Asked Marpesia, adroitly switching the subject. Abashed and a bit embarrassed, I was only too pleased to fall into line and answered, “I have known for a long time that my mothers wished they could tell those that they left behind how they did. Many a winter’s evening was spent wondering how you managed and whether you needed help. “Long ago they would have returned to visit but their own duties held them there. So I thought it up to me to seek you out in their place. My twin could not come for she is studying under the healer Iphitay and her skills impose their own duty while my younger sisters are too young. I, on the other hand, have no special gift save perhaps as warrior and there are many others who can fill that need. “Besides, I truly felt a call to see my mother’s people and hopefully too my grandmothers. So with the blessing of my parents and the council and the priesthood, I am here.” “I think there is more to your choice,” said Lampedo, “for I am sure your mothers would have considered your possible reception. There is certainly something to you, beyond the debt we owe, that allows us to trust where our normal reaction is otherwise.” “And,” added Marpesia, “the last time an heir came to us from your land, it had the Goddess’ hand behind it. But, like then, I cannot see what that might be. Unlike your uncle, you bring no enigmatic message yet I feel Her presence about you. I take it you are the heir?” “Yes, I have been anointed by the high priests. But I cannot assume the throne without two wives to take their place as joint rulers. And, to this time, I haven’t found two whose love I’d happily share. So there was no impediment to my leaving; indeed the priesthood felt the Lady Shavaska herself gave signs that I should undertake this task.” “Oh Arta,” sighed Lampedo, “I fear what events might be taking shape outside our sight. Things are moving that we might not be able to control and I am unsure about the roles each of us may be called upon to play. “You have to understand that we have gained a measure of security which suits the purpose that we have chosen for our lives. From here, we promote the Goddess’ will and provide comfort and support to women in need. Safe in our home, we send out our priestesses into the lands around, taking her message and providing for the well-being of women. True, we often meet suspicion and hostility from the men but we manage. “But, why are you here then? I can’t believe you found us here except through the Lady’s doing. Yes I fear Her hand is behind this and that means events are coming that once more will try us.” I answered in all honesty “As to all that, I cannot say. I know only that I felt moved to seek you out. Believe me; I would not knowingly bring trouble upon you.” It was Marpesia who closed that topic with all the forthrightness of my mother Orthia. “Well since we must be pawns in Her hands, we can but await Her pleasure for it profits us nothing to agonize on the unknown. No doubt we will know soon enough. For now, we must put our trust in Her wisdom that we will then know what our duty must be. With the more serious discussion over, My grandmothers relented and allowed Graita and Patsimeon to join us so we could talk of my land and people and that I might learn more of life amongst the Amazons and their neighbors.