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My Writings Selections from my Work Amazonia
Queens of the Amazons .. Orthia's Story The World of Orthia
1250-1180 BCE The Old Hittite Empire has disintegrated leaving the Hurrians as the strongest nation of their successor states. The Assyrians are asserting their power, displacing and incorporating the Babylonians. In recent years, the Phrygians have seized territory in Anatolia, moving into the vacuum left by the Hittite disintegration. The Achaean Greeks are moving into the Euxine Sea, setting up coastal trading settlements. The Greek expansion has resulted in competition with the Trojans who hitherto have controlled the trade between Asia and Europe. This rivalry has resulted in war as the Greeks, led by the Mycenaeans, lay siege to Troy. The Amazons, who in the past were associated with the Hittites, are now firmly allied to the Trojans. Meanwhile the Greeks continue their expansion in the Euxine threatening their own homeland. To make matters worse, both the Cimmerians and Armenians are pushing into the northeastern area of Anatolia that was controlled in the past by the Hittites. These barbarian tribes further threaten the Amazons with raiding and conquest. The Hurrians who might, as a successor state to the Hittites and Mittani, have lent aid to the Amazons are too concerned with the power of the Assyrians who threaten their southern borders. The Amazons are a nation of women who have eschewed the world of men. Elsewhere, with few exceptions, women are dominated by men. Led by two queens, their society values their independence and in order to preserve it, the Amazons must be seen by others as well able to defend and support themselves and become a society of warriors and artisans. They are famed for their prowess on horseback and are skilled as hunters and warriors. This is the world of Orthia, Pentasilia, or princess, of the Amazons.