Poems of Courage, Struggle and Inspiration None but the Brave Deserve the Fair ... John Dryden           It is impossible to love and to be wise               .... Francis Bacon
 Poetry allows us to express our  deeper feelings  without appearing trite ......   Keith Scott
WHAT I WOULD DARE FOR THEE When dragons roared and men did hide And women drew their kin inside, Then did he alone stand tall, Fearing neither fight nor fall. For his love, took up his sword And on his charger rode abroad To face the foe and claim his bride. Mile past mile he still must ride. Death and danger would not part His resolve to win her heart. His very soul he’d risk to gain The one he loved and bear the pain. “For love and honour”, he shouted loud, Hoping thus to part the cloud That kept him from her loving arms And sweet repose within her charms. When at last there came the day, Right gladly at her feet he lay His sword and every single part Of bloodied armour … and his heart. And in her tremulous, tearing smile Knew it worth every aching mile. For the two must ne’er again be ‘part But joined as one ... heart unto heart. A MOTHER'S SACRIFICE I remember the hot Summer’s day And breezes filled with smells of hay, Skipping through my life with glee, Never thinking of the time to be And now I look back to my past And know what was just couldn’t last. Why were those days so happy then With work and worry beyond my ken? It seems to me that in between This harried woman that I’ve been And the girl that’s from my past Is ‘Duty’ and a lost enthusiast. Maybe now that I have done And my children all are gone, I might again leave cares behind And, once more, joy and beauty find.