Poems of                        Nature Nature never did betray The heart that loved her.    ... Williams Wordsworth
 Poetry allows us to express our  deeper feelings  without appearing trite ......   Keith Scott
MEMORIES OF A WALK IN MORTON Dappled sunlight in that forest glade, Sparkling both with light and shade, Reflecting highlights ‘mongst the leaves In patterns that the mind conceives As jewels sparkling in the breeze. The quiet sounds of Nature in the glen Makes as though the world of men Belongs to another time and ken Where life knows not this world of peace And causes, for a time, all cares to cease. SPRING Every year as Winter battles Spring We, along with all the Earth Await the coming day of birth, For cruel frost to lose its sting And once again new life to bring. Then, from eyes our sleep we shake For it came with no warning, This new day, this very morning And fresh green shoots of life awake To burst again from land and lake. We sense with clarity sharp as knife The very dampness in the air Laden heavy with scents so fair. Earthly richness, fresh with life Promising future, joyous strife. SPRING, GLORIOUS SPRING Across the water, darkly green, A picture fair as any seen With trees lofty, rising high, Spreading branches to the sky Jacob’s coat in various greens Creating wondrous vibrant scenes ‘Gainst a backdrop richly blue Showing through with radiant hue. Not only eyes feast in this sight But other senses too delight With songs of birds so sweetly fair And scent of blossoms in the air. Flashes too, of white and red Through this canvas lightly spread And purples also add their glory And with colour, complete the story How then can one be so blind And not in such beauty find; To overlook this sight pristine This fresh, unblemished green. There cannot be a sight more glorious Than Spring bursting forth victorious And bringing to us mortals hope Sustaining us in daily lives to cope. The Storm Air heavy with threat'ning closeness Warm moist heat trapped and seething; Like a blanket smothering. And in that wrapping, cloying stillness All sensation is a laboured breathing; As if all were drowning Grey clouds now turning black with anger Bring forth the power of thunder’s clangor Winds rising with a sudden flurry Now unleashed is nature's fury Driven rain in eyes and blinded vision Creating images without precision And painting ghostly scenes before us As Valkyries boom out their chorus Lightning shaping patterns that remain Yet leaving nothing quite the same Images appear then gone so quick Ripped in agony from Earth’s fabric Flashes cast their light on glowering clouds Creating ghastly figures in their shrouds And all about the branches creak and groan Giving screaming birth to fears unknown Where minutes passed lay gentle slope Now rushing streams of waters grope Broiling madly like a nightmare living Seizing all that’s loose with no forgiving Then with no warning, fury gives its’ place To quieter streets and tranquil fields Gone the fury that blanketed the Earth. Street lights flicker and with but a trace Of distant drums, the thunder yields A refreshed land, complete rebirth Good Morning World So wondrous quiet, as to the East, A pale lightness outlines the trees against a New-revealed sky. Dark patterns of black; Rounded, Rising, Forming, Taking shape, Filling in the background that, before, was not there; Merely something sensed beyond our vision. And we, Where but a moment past were just warm masses, Close-sensed as heat and weight against each other, Now take form and substance. Hands, only felt before as comforting shadows, Are now seen pale, Materialized from the remembered heat of their last touch. Faces glow pale and features form As if the soft light of the dawn Has given them ….. Reality. And slowly, One by one, As each new sound is added, Comes the birdsong of the day reborn; A choir of separate voices melded into one, Giving out its own joyous greeting to the world. Arms around each other in response, We seek to share the moment, As one … Made whole By the power and majesty of Nature.