Poems of                       Scotland
 Poetry allows us to express our  deeper feelings  without appearing trite ......   Keith Scott
Majestic Hills Majestic Hills that draw my soul, Magic that somehow makes me whole To join with all those others who fell Entranced within that self-same spell I feel at one with those who were Amidst those bonny braes we share Strong and free as they once roamed Swift as the rushing burns that foamed Snow-clad corries hide in their heights Sheltered by their awesome might As beats the heart within my breast, A rampart strong against the test Thoughts Provoked By Ancient Ruins Ancient ruins what tales could you tell Standing stark against the lonely night? Moonlight glinting from the quartz Embedded in they granite stone As if those tales of yore were also locked within Just waiting for the chance to pour out legends Of death … and murder long forgotten Of love … and joyful cries of pleasure Of struggles harsh as the land That supports your weight Oh Ancient walls, what wisdom can you pass To the sons of those that were?
Thee, Caledonia, thy wild heaths among, Famed for the martial deed, the heaven-taught song, To thee I turn with swimming eyes! ... Robert Burns