Ballads A song in the heart lightens the way .... K.E.Scott
 Poetry allows us to express our  deeper feelings  without appearing trite ......   Keith Scott
A Bellandain The title is the warcry or call to arms of the clan. As a remembrance of our turbulent past, it brings to the imagination the vision of our forebears, mounted, armed and silent, wending their way through the mists of the rugged Border country. This is the inspiration for the ballad I wrote. As a Scott, it seems only appropriate that I write at least one ballad; one more to add to the many that is the unique artform of the Borders. The words are written to "Tannenbaum".  Chorus: A Bellendain, a Bellendain, Buccleuch fer us is callin' A Bellendain, a Bellendain, we're a' tae gang a'ridin' Bring horse an’ lance an', on yer heid, yer ir'n bunnit A Bellendain, a Bellendain, we'll set the Borders flammit Come ye all, ye Scotts in name, come an’ join us fer the reivin’ See them cooer at oor fame Frae the field they’ll no be leavin’ Chorus A’ they wha'd dae us any herm we’ll mak siccur they rue it fer every hoose an’ every ferm the debt we’ll aye pursue it Chorus Tae horse, tae horse an’ aff we gae twa thoosan’ lances stra..ang though wind and rain we tak the way tae richt an awfu’ wra..ang Chorus An wad ye'd hide ye de’il’s ain Ye’ll nae mair feel sae bo..old It’s noo yer turn tae feel the pain afore ye feel the co..old Chorus Harm any ane an’ ye canna hide fer each tae each we dae belang An' taegether ay we’ll ride an’ raise oor voices high in sang Chorus