Poems of Love           It is impossible to love and to be wise               .... Francis Bacon
 Poetry allows us to express our  deeper feelings  without appearing trite ......   Keith Scott
TIME STANDS STILL Time stands still as falls a gentle rain, Sweet memories linger easing pain. My love lies here within my heart Though, in truth, we rest apart. Stray thoughts wander through the mind Of wond’rous hours not far behind. Joyous love-making creates a smile And other loving acts do me beguile. There is no way content I’d be Unless your smile is there for me As I hold close your flesh most dear And let our love drive out all fear. For we have so much left to do Leaving nothing that we would rue, As together life’s joys we sample, Knowing that our love is ample. We will take all that life will give And know that now is when we live, As we cast aside all thought and care And yield ourselves to what we share. And, if to others we give some measure Of the love that gives us pleasure, Then we’ll know that now together We have found our joy and treasure. EPHEMERAL SPIRIT Last night I dreamt of you ... A dream I lived once upon a time. The heart aches more to lose what you have lived. Yet better far to have known the joy you’ve lost Than to have spent a life of dreary days ... And lonely nights T’was a dream that encouraged ... Strengthened; A dream born of faith ... And hope And tinged with aching memories. So, may I share it with you as I did last night? It was I, sitting there, on my stallion White as pure driven snow, Blowing hard through distended nostrils, Steam rising, smelling of horse and summer night. And there you were, long silk dress dancing in the breeze; Both hiding and emphasizing your body in the moonlight. Fearful of breaking the spell, I could not breathe. My steed, sensing the loss my control, slowed to a walk. Entranced, my knees, pressing his flank, urged him on. My gaze was caught and the moment has become eternity. It seems forever since last I walked, Hand in hand beneath the jewels of the night; My lover, confidant and friend ... at my side. Oh how I joy that once the dream was shared, Each frail heart strengthened by our care, Stronger together than the total of the parts; More beautiful, reflected in the eyes of love. We gave despite the cost, We took without the fear. That was beauty! A GOLDEN LIGHT A golden light was kindled then With love and tenderness as when, That dark and dreary, dismal day, In love and kindness, you did say The words I'll treasure in my heart Until I must from this world depart. Three words that when are said together Give hope and joy that last forever. I thank you for that gift to me That from that day has left me free To share with you all joy and beauty And know it as a gift not duty. May I then with open heart to you Admit in turn that I love you too LEST WE REGRET Lest we regret the time we wasted, Let us know that we have tasted Each and every precious hour And from it drawn such loving power So ne'er again will we permit Any harm or any hurt to sit And cause a wounded heart to fester. Instead we talk, at least a gesture Together always, two as one Facing forward, regrets are none Support we each the others needs And tend with love those precious seeds Come whatever the world may throw United we our faces show. If one should falter the other sustain, Adding courage, might and main. For 'gainst our love the worst will fail And beat our shield without avail. For our armour is our love. We walk together hand in glove. What folly then to try us part, Nothing can tear heart from heart. Instead we together closer grow And joy and beauty in us show. LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT Stars flash diamond pinpoints from a velvet sky And drifting fireflies flash them their reply. Moon-soft light reflecting from the lake, Rippling highlights in the current’s wake. In the background rise the shadows of the trees And branch and leaf rustle softly in the breeze, Scented with soft perfume from your hair, Taking us to a world that’s safe and fair. Breast to breast we stand and, in wonder, stare Immersed in the joy and beauty that we share; The warmth of our bodies softly melded Echoing the way our souls are welded. Lost in eyes shining from the shadows of your face, My legs fall weak and how my heart doth race. My stomach aches from such yearning With the depths of love’s relearning. Feeling one with the joy and beauty all around us We summon forth a cloak of magic to surround us. As my lips seek sweet softness in thine own, It seems we together sink into a world alone. A world of love and joy that we alone may enter, A land where souls and bodies meet at the center. A magic place where every touch is tender, As in love we each our heart’s surrender. LOVE WARMS THE HEART Winter's Arctic winds do chill a body to the bone, Yet none so cold as the heart that stands alone. For warmth to them can only come When together, they beat as one. So sweetheart then, it is to you I owe The glowing love that warms me so ISLANDS IN THE SEA Islands floating in this wild, chaotic sea. That is our lonely, loveless life Carried by wayward currents helplessly With our days of constant strife. How wond'rous then, to find with thee This haven and our place of peace That allows our souls their fantasy, Where joy and beauty give release. Would that others too could find and see. Then would they, with courage, seize The moment that would set them free And thus, to lay their hearts at ease. Might it be as with two, so then with three That open-hearted love can dare The one whose need is such a silent plea To come inside our love to share.